Thursday, 5 July 2012

The "God Particle" of Leadership

The "Goddamn Particle " of Leadership 

The big news today is that of the "God Particle" or Higgs boson. CERN has finally confirmed that the last missing piece of the Standard Model, which describes the basic building blocks of the universe , does exist.  The net, media, twitter etc. are agog with the news. We took 50 years to prove the fact which had been predicted by Higgs. This definitely is a major breakthrough in the world of nuclear science.

Makes me wonder.  

Is leadership science or an art ? Or philosophy ? Philosophy begins where science ends. Leaders have faith. Leaders trust. And most of the times , amazing feats are achieved with faith. Leaders just know. Their faith does not need verification or proof.  When I was a kid, my mother told me a story where a sage asked the milkmaid to bring him a tumbler of milk every morning. The maid said that she lived across the river and there are no boats available early morning. The saint said " Well , you can walk across the river. I know you can walk on water". And she walked on the water. And brought him milk every day. One day a passerby saw her and exclaimed " You can walk on the water !! How is that possible !" The maid said "Oh ! The saint said so and it never crossed my mind that this is impossible !" The seed of doubt germinated.  

She could not cross the river anymore. 

Leaders make the impossible very naturally possible. They create trust . They have the capability to put the "God Particle" in the soul of their followers. And these become the building blocks of a great team !


  1. Leadership is an innate quality we all possess-Its just that a 'leader' realizes this and moves ahead in the fulfillment of his goals-When you link leadership to art, philosophy and science ,you are correct in many ways-It is an art and science,since dedicated interference at the appropriate time,be it a stimulus or a lesson,which can result in the ordinary assuming a path breaking status-As far as philosophy is concerned,lets first get the real meaning of the word 'physics'- this word has its origin in the Greek language..which indicates the ESSENTIAL NATURE OF THINGS-and what better way than to get the true meaning of Advaita,to fathom in my view ,what ails society at large today-and why its imperative we look to our sages to get the answers-(t be completed)

  2. How does one link the sacred Advaita to understanding the quintessential manner of running an organisation,and in turn link this to a dynamic leadership,so essential in maintaining a vigorous schedule and growth across the board.Advaita or the principle of non-duality ,one of the pillars of Sanatana Dharma shows us the way.Here non duality i would explain as that dedicated, unhindered thrust,luster that only a Leader can provide.This in turn implies the prevalence of Dwait or duality...the bridging of this split is what leadership is all about.To explain further,one has to sieve the individual strands that make up the whole,in this case representative of each and every person ,combined, which makes an organization

    The focus here is highlighting a parallel between the Origin or Creator, and the Leader, in this case representing a unit or organization.You are most likely to pose the question how we can equate the Creator or God,in unraveling the sacred mechanics of what makes a true Leader.At the outset let us repeat what we already know.At home you are a leader to your family,and at the work place a leader amongst your colleagues.Most of the time its the staid and the routine that shuts out your ability to lead.Management institutes do a remarkable job in making leaders out of men,and the percentage of success is mind boggling.Yes we have success stories all around of those who made it,from rags to riches and beyond.So we have standard techniques that are taught nowadays,case studies of men and organizations,that is supposed to give you ideas to succeed,concepts to follow and imbibe to Lead.In spite of giant strides in academically understanding Leadership tenets,and utilizing such knowledge successfully,many a time the 'trust' is simply missing.

    While the domain of operation of both the Creator and the Leader are distinct not separate,there is this chord of connectivity..this all important Connect,prevalent but not active.This is the 'trust' that is missing.While on a MACROSCOPIC scale,in the constantly evolving cosmic tapestry,on a MICROSCOPIC scale you can relate the same connect or energy, from the Leader,percolating down to all echelons of the company.The ability to cut a different path,to enthuse those around to pursue even the most fragmentary idea and to implement this profitably,and most essentially to convince the skeptics to follow suit,such core Leadership values-fall into place,once this Connect is acknowledged by man.Paramount to understanding this,is a firm faith in the Leader.I used the word 'faith' and not 'believe', because when you 'believe', this word signifies you can or cannot.But 'faith' is altogether different.When you repose faith in your Leader,this implies an implicit acknowledgement of his(leaders')guidance brought about by an even more intuitive mind.Its only when you possess faith,that the transfer of energy possible,does learning have an impact,and guidance meaningful.However many a time this just does not happen.It becomes a one sided flow of energy of ideas..these just pile up,lead to chaos.And blocked energy can be even more dangerous.However when you awaken to this danger and transfer does take place,then there is discussion,acceptance and consolidation.

    On a Macroscopic scale this translates to accepting a superior force, an energy, a surge(you can call this God,you need not also)that keeps the equilibrium,the momentum across the cosmos.Follow the rules,messages imparted by the masters of all religions,that you are intimately connected with all around you.Tread softly with love and reverence.Let discussion take place,then only can acceptance and transmission happen.Now you can imbibe this energy,that comes to you as a corollary.You can evolve now on this microscopic tapestry,add your distinctive colours,to transform the company,concern you work for respond in kind.The profits accrued here,do not go to any individual or company bank account,but nevertheless make the world an enduring place to live in...(to be continued0=)

  3. On the Microscopic scale,where do we stand ? How can we validate this connect ? The flow of energy from the ORIGIN in this case,the Leader,to those under his guidance,when reciprocated only magnifies this whole endeavour.Now this reverse flow,can only embellish,augment the selfless spirit bestowed by the Leader.What follows is all inclusive holistic growth.Sadly this innate capacity has to be taught nowadays.When the very existence of many organizations,is structured to 'make hay while the sun shines' only.In such a scenario all laws of natural justice are violated,thereby the pristine character of the energy we spoke of earlier,the luster diminishes,or is list altogether.For the mundane to be dynamic,pulsating evolving,one has to allow unhindered access from the Origin to flow in..this throbs,and in this pulsation the Leadership tenets fall into place.Such an endeavour is sanctified,meaning even the process of profit making can be justified.Such Leadership momentum,brilliance can only install organizations on that haloed pedestal one and all aspire to reach.Therein lies the key.You have this key,use it to open the plethora of Leaders under you,enabling each to contribute to the organization.Such a surge allows your concern,take its rightful place in this Microcosm for the onward journey to join the Macrocosm.From DWAIT to ADVAITA,all of your theories,principles will now bear fruit.You are truly empowered to succeed--utmost unflinching faith does pay.You can walk on water.

  4. should read--"the luster diminishes or is missed altogether"--sorry for the error

    1. Very very envigorating comment.... Kudos Vijay !

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