Friday, 6 January 2017

Different Strokes for 2017

Dear Readers, 

First of all I wish you a very happy , healthy , peaceful and productive New Year!

As I had written last January and maybe the January before that there is something about the first month of the year.  At least I feel so ! As if a brand new notebook has been gifted to me , its pages crisp and blank with the heavenly odour of the unopened and unwritten pages

It takes me back to my childhood when after the annual exams in December, before the Christmas vacation,  I got a new set of books for the next class.  I remember the feeling when I touched them every day,  opened them a little bit and peeped inside ...  fearing that if I opened it fully, it will get damaged. I poked my nose inside the tiny opening and smelled the books. 

Heavenly... I still can close my eyes and savour the nostalgia ....

Every year, the first week of January brings back the same feelings.  

12 new notebooks ... 365 pages ... crisp and clean ... for me to use !

It is up to me how I use them ... fill it up with junk or something valuable ... whether I keep them clean or whether I make them untidy . Remember the erasers and how after vigorous rubbing, there was a hole in the page ?  Do I want that or something as beautiful as the  slam book which we still cherish ? 

Every year I make resolutions in January. 

Some are met and some are not. Some recur ... like losing weight, exercise etc...  Unlike some cynical people, I still keep them, because even if I don't hit the target, I am at least improving. What say ?

This year, I have thought of giving a different punch to my resolutions.  A few different strokes.  

  • Don't say "I don't have time" : Yes , I have time . 24X7 = 168 hours in a week . So, if I spend 40 hours in a week on work,  50 hours for sleep, 10 hours for misc. activities, still there will be 68 hour for me to spend ! And that is not a small number. So, whenever I utter the words "I don't have time" , I will stop and think. "Is it so ? Or is this not in my priority list ?"

  • Free the way : Enough of hustling and jostling.  Everyone is in a hurry. I am in a hurry. I want to pause. Take a deep breath. Smile. Let the other car merge ahead of me. While pausing, I will free the way for others. I wil take the opportunity to spend more time with my loved ones. Do at least 1 act of kindness every week. I will free the way for others as well as for myself . I will set myself free from the clutches of social media. I will meet my friends physically more often. I will not limit myself in anyway . I will speak the truth and convey my mind and feelings whenever and whatever I want to, without mincing words or without thinking what will the other person think.    

  • Measure regularly : I have been bad at measuring my goals.  This year I will measure and track regularly and take corrective actions. Have I written the blog post on Wednesday ? Did I spend enough time on my writing ?  I will track diligently and regularly in a planner

  • Take better care : ... of myself. This year I plan to be a bit selfish about myself. I will try to put myself first.  I will handle myself delicately. My feelings, my thoughts, my health, relationships which matter .  Drop a few kilos, get a new haircut,  protect my "me" time , read the novel which has been sitting on the table for a while, listen to 2-3 TED talks a week, get the long pending operation done, go to a wellness centre for a week  ....  So, 2017, here I come ... I will be a better "me" ... both physically, mentally and spiritually !

  • Grow more and reflect : This is one of my recurring goals and I have made quite good progress on this for the past 3-4 years. This year, I want to ow more take it to the next level. I want to grow  more in the area of writing - publish my book. I will complete my dissertation and put honest effort on this.  I will spend time on self reflection ... try to figure out the million dollar question "What do I want ?

These are few of my thoughts which I will blow up to create small measurable tasks.  And then I will  put them in black and white and start my weekly tracking !

I am all set for writing beautiful words in the blank 365 pages and create fond memories for a better tomorrow. 

What about you ? Are you ready ?

Cheers and happy new year again !


  1. inspiring a days its very important to get "me me" time for ourselves....

  2. I don’t know how should I give you thanks! I am totally stunned by your article. You saved my time. Thanks a million for sharing this article.